Gabriel has over 15 years of experience in the Romanian Intelligence Service, most recently as head of the CyberThreats Department  – Cyber Intelligence Center, in charge of some of the most successful operations in recent years. Gabriel has climbed the ladder through all the different roles in the Counter-espionage operations unit and Cyberthreats operations, and was responsible for many successful recruits. Since retiring from the SRI, Gabriel has served as director in some of the most important Romanian authorities bodies, taking roles in the international and specifically European activity of these institutions.

Gabriel is a highly motivated and proactive manager offering extensive security experience. Totally reliable, trustworthy with a high level of integrity. 15 years of Romanian Intelligence Service experience and 5 years of commercial security working with multiple government, diplomatic and intelligence agencies. Established management and leadership skills and proven track record in security and risk management in demanding and high risk environments.


Business intelligence
Risk & assesment
Intelligence services