We want to build together something solid and long lasting, thus we have to capture all critical details while also understanding the big picture.

INFOPRIMUS a leader in security intelligence and analytics, empowers organizations around the globe to rapidly detect, respond to and neutralize damaging  threats.

Also we offer fast and accurate intelligence and analysis services for all types of  business. 

Our services also include: due diligence, private and corporate investigations, technical surveillance counter measures (TSCM) and counter espionage services.

The result is a highly detailed report, carefully crafted to drive decisive decisions and action. Our investigation reports help clients to make sound judgments based on credible evidence. And while it is our clients decision how to proceed, all evidence that is required to be used in a court of law will be gathered in accordance with the legal frameworks.

Whether our clients seek to identify fraud or severe mismanagement in a company with a view to taking a short position, or to decipher the true intrinsic mask and value of a potential long term position, we provide the actionable intelligence to fill the gaps in their own analysis.

Leveraging our unique experience in open sources and human intelligence, Infoprimus’s due diligence methodology produces a broad and thorough overview of the designated target, taking into account a multitude of financial, legal and technical factors. Our extensive intelligence background and robust compliance systems enable us to create a truly comprehensive analysis that supports our clients’ decision-making and gives them a significant advantage, while scrupulously remaining within legal and compliance boundaries.

  • We provide in depth research and detailed profiles of key leadership members, including their interests, motivations, strategies and personal circumstances. This has become an essential tool to help provide a detailed account of the true driving force behind companies. Furthermore, Infoprimus provides essential intelligence to support different investment positions, in order to support the client’s trading strategies and prior to major financial actions.

  • From financial fraud to conflicted managerial interests, there are many events that can topple a seemingly stable company. Oftentimes, in an attempt to cover up losses or mislead investors, companies will misrepresent themselves publicly. With our wide variety of information collection methodologies, from cyber intelligence to social engineering, deep forensic accounting skills and the linguistic and cultural knowledge to operate in any business jurisdiction, Infoprimus is uniquely positioned to discover the truth behind company communications anywhere in the world, from financial statements to production reports.

  • Our asset identification and valuation services produce valuable intelligence and due-diligence at a standard far beyond other currently available services, whether a client is seeking to understand a company’s base asset structure, wishes to understand the value that will be released in an impending company break-up — or even understand the probability that such a break-up will occur. We operate in various jurisdictions under diverse legal systems, covering analysis of offshore companies and trusts.

  • One can only derive so much from a company’s own published information; Careful observation and analysis of both general market information and geopolitical intelligence are required to accurately appreciate a company’s true value. Beyond intelligence on the target company’s competitors, we also assess the broader factors that influence a company’s value. Our unique service offers a bespoke solution using international investigation and intelligence techniques. For larger international cases we can utilize our vast network of international contacts.

  • Infoprimus is the only Romanian security TEAM that is assessing, designing and providing Intelligence Driven Cyber Security to protect your organization’s most valuable information assets and infrastructure.

Today, Cyber Security most often means to establish a 360 degrees security environment to your customer’s cyber infrastructure, that make them to be prepared to face with any cyber entity by spending a vast amount of resources, even not every aggressor will target them.

Dedicated for almost a decade to empower intelligence to predict, detect, mitigate and deter cyber attacks performed by state and non-state aggressors, the Infoprimus Cybersecurity TEAM has the best knowledge to customize your Cyber Security through dedicated Threat Assessments/Aggressors Profiling and to deliver a new category of targeted security solutions that help leaders stop reacting to cyber threats and get ahead of them.