About us

We are highly motivated and proactive professionals offering extensive experience in security management, intelligence, investigation, forensic analysis and risk management. Totally reliable, trustworthy with a high level of integrity. We have several years of experience as intelligence agents, forensic scientists, investigators, security and risk managers working with multiple government, diplomatic, investigative and intelligence agencies. Established management and leadership skills and proven track record in security and risk management in demanding and high risk environments.


Business intelligence, security management, risk management, personnel management, protective security, planning, emergency response planning and execution, close protection of personnel (CP/PSD), forensic and private investigation, management in high-threat environments. We are self-motivated, organized individual, experienced at working to tight deadlines within a pressured environment. We are able to work individually or within a team environment.

Excellent problem-solvers with the ability to successfully analyze, assess, and strategize multiple tasks within stressful and/or multi-cultural environments.

The easiest and hardest way to get new business is to step into new territories. Most of the times the companies, young or old, big or small, are in refrain, fear or disdain of unknown territories.