Global consulting company specialized in risk assessment and management, security, intelligence, investigation and forensic services.


Our consultants and technology specialists have strong business and technology skills, and are particularly experienced in collaborating with clients


Infoprimus operates worldwide offering the best professional and solutions to protect and develop your business.

Mitigate Threats

Using consultative and pragmatic approaches, Infoprimus helps clients to investigate and mitigate criminal and malicious threats.

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence is our Business and our approach is a step by step process: Understand, Analyze, Identify, Implement your needs.

Mapout Business Intelligence

Power your business with operational intelligence.  



Business intelligence, security management, risk management, personnel management, protective security, planning, emergency response planning and execution, close protection of personnel (CP/PSD), forensic and private investigation, management in high-threat environments. We are self-motivated, organized individual, experienced at working to tight deadlines within a pressured environment. We are able to work individually or within a team environment.

Excellent problem-solvers with the ability to successfully analyze, assess, and strategize multiple tasks within stressful and/or multi-cultural environments.

Bespoke intelligence services

Case Studies

Over 5+ comprehensive case studies included.

You can get an understanding of our services in minutes.

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